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      Ancient Women

      Contains, dress with shawl belt and headpiece only. One size fits most.  

      0.00 out of 5


      Black Hooded Monk

      Adult Hooded robe and rope belt

      0.00 out of 5


      Cave Man

      Contains, Tunic, headband, armband.

      0.00 out of 5


      Cave Woman

      Contains, tunic, belt, headband and arm band.

      0.00 out of 5



      Contains Tunic, headband, ankle band, and waist tie. Bone jewellery not included, ankle band is …

      0.00 out of 5



      Adult cavewoman only with dress and headband

      0.00 out of 5


      Desert Prince

      Desert Prince shirt and waistcoat only. Fits up to 42″ chest  

      0.00 out of 5


      Desert Prince Pants

      Black Hareem style pants only. Not including the gold sash. Fits up to waist size 34″ Hat,…

      0.00 out of 5


      Evil King

      Contains Tunic, cape, belt, boot top shoe covers. Standard size adult up to 42″ chest.

      0.00 out of 5


      Golden King

      0.00 out of 5


      Greek Emperor

      Adult Greek Emperor costume, with tunic sash headpiece and belt only. One size standard adult co…

      0.00 out of 5


      Greek god

      Contains, toga with sash, headpiece, cuffs and belt. One size fits most.

      0.00 out of 5


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